Emergency prices for fixing HVAC units

I have never understood why tradespeople charge extra money for emergency services.

  • Recently, I had an HVAC technician apply a $100 fee for helping me out in the middle of an emergency, which I think is completely ridiculous and unethical.

Whenever you call an HVAC company during the middle of the night because your furnace stopped working, that is a very serious problem. You are probably going to be forking over hundreds to thousands of dollars. That seems like a bad time for an HVAC company to decide that they should get extra money for the inconvenience. I could understand why they might have an emergency fee for HVAC workers. Imagine if somebody with a minor problem, like a malfunctioning air conditioner, insists that they are helped at midnight. Imagine if they wanted an inspection during a vacation? In cases like those, I could see how an emergency fee might apply. I might even understand the situation if your furnace broke down on Christmas, causing the HVAC worker to have to repair your furnace instead of spending time their family! But in cases like those, we could just be decent human beings and tip the HVAC worker to make up for it! But to charge somebody extra for a furnace emergency because you showed up a day early seems a little rude. Imagine if a doctor charged people extra money for helping them during an emergency! I think HVAC companies should rethink their prices, and I am sure that their customers will be very thankful. It might even increase business to the point that they make up for the loss.



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