Ended up having to replace the whole HVAC unit

When my family started getting sick at home, I was trying to figure out what was going on.

  • Eventually I came to the conclusion that something in the house was making us sick.

I didn’t know if I had to have the ductwork system cleaned or what. So I ended up calling my brother and he said that we could all stay over at his house until we figured things out. I ended up calling the HVAC company to send one of their HVAC professionals out. The HVAC professional said the ductwork could be cleaned, but that wasn’t the big issue. He used a carbon monoxide detector and came to find that there was carbon monoxide leaking from my HVAC unit. Upon further inspection, he discovered that there was a crack in the heat exchanger. He told me this was a severe issue and it was a good thing that I had the windows opened in my home for ventilation. I did that because fresh air was the only thing that made us feel better. I learned that if I didn’t open the windows, we all could have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. I can’t tell you how awful this made me feel, knowing that I could have been the cause for my entire family dying, but at least I did the right thing and got them out of the house. I thought I could just have the heat exchanger replaced and everything would be fine, but I actually had to replace the entire HVAC unit which was really expensive.


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