Enjoying my smart HVAC system a great deal

When my little brother was telling me I needed to get with the times and get a smart HVAC, I wasn’t so sure.

He said to not let the whole smart thing scare me off, these were actually highly efficient HVAC systems that worked to provide ultimate comfort with minimal energy costs. When he started telling me how much money I could save, I finally gave in. I decided to contact the HVAC company to see what smart HVAC they could install for me. The cooling professional who came out was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions without any issues. The HVAC professional said a ductless mini split would be perfect for my home. He explained we could have separate zones to heat and cool different areas of the house with customized temperature control settings. The ratings for this system were amazing and I was actually looking forward to saving money. I had to ask though, what made this particular HVAC system smart? The HVAC professional said that there was a usb hookup that you install and then you can control your HVAC with the smart app. I learned that I could communicate with all the different indoor units with this app and adjust the temperature control settings remotely. That was the coolest thing ever and there are numerous other features like geofencing which adjusts the system to minimal settings when you leave a certain area with your phone for so long. I had this system installed and I really am enjoying it a great deal.
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