Even with unlimited A/C, climate change is tough to deal with

I truly never foresaw average hot season temperatures growing to this degree back when my family first moved to this place.

  • It was at least 20 years ago, and despite having extreme hot season heat waves every so often, something ridiculous like 110 degrees on a day in September was truly rare.

I remember weeks at a time that would elapse in between turning the air conditioning equipment on to cycle. We simply left the front door open with the screen door shut, along with a window on the opposite side of the property. With a self-explanatory setup like that, the group of us had a good cross breeze if there was a tiny bit of wind outside. This went on for numerous years with little to no change. Even by the time I was applying for college, the temperature had kept relatively the same for my entire life up to that point. But when I started to rent my first property after my college years were over, I could tell that something had changed severely. The average highs throughout the hot season were getting outrageous, and even the frosty season started to feel colder. Right now I’m barely making enough money to afford the exorbitant electricity costs just to keep the air conditioning equipment running. If I don’t want to sweat in my home, I have no choice. It has gotten so harsh that I am now considering a permanent transfer out of my state. And with the way climate change is projected, it doesn’t seem like things will get better. Even if I had unlimited funds and could manage to keep my AC as low as 50 degrees, I still wouldn’t want to stay. Just walking from my vehicle to the door at the grocery store is enough to make me sweat like crazy.


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