Everybody wanted to go down to the river, but I thought it was too cold

This last weekend, my buddies all were talking about going down to the river. I told everybody that it was way too cold, and everybody laughed at me. They asked me if I was going to let a little cold weather get in the way of a good time. They were right, we didn’t have to just relax at the house all day with the comfort of the heating system. But I also don’t like being out in the cold weather for too long and it was like 40 degrees outside! I guess that’s nothing to some people, but I was raised in the West where the weather stays warm all year round. Well, one friend said we could always pack a large tent and relax in there with some portable heaters working. I immediately said that was a great idea and asked if everybody had some portable heaters we could use. Unfortunately, nobody had a portable heater that didn’t need to be plugged in and it wasn’t like we had access to the electricity near the river, unless we used the car. Still, I didn’t want to drain the car battery while using a bunch of portable heaters either. We ended up buying a nice propane heater with some propane fuel. We got a pretty good deal on it too which was surprising. So we set up the tent and also another friend brought the charcoal grill so we could cook up some steaks. Another buddy had a portable stereo with a good playlist. It was actually very relaxing being next to the river like that with my friends and it was perfectly warm with the heater working. I’m glad we were able to enjoy being out there despite the cold weather.



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