Excitement About Smart Thermostat Installation

When it was time for me to upgrade my entire HVAC system, I knew that I also wanted to upgrade the thermostat. The thermostat that came with the house was old and crusty. Not only was it an eyesore, but it didn’t do anything other than change the temperature and flip between the furnace and AC unit. I wanted something more luxurious and something capable of reducing my energy consumption. Smart thermostats are expensive compared to traditional thermostats, but they offer more and save more money in the grand scheme of things. I was already spending several thousand dollars on a new HVAC system, so what was a couple extra hundred dollars? I knew the smart thermostat would keep my heat and air running smoothly and efficiently for me and I’d never have to worry about my HVAC system again. Some of the benefits a smart thermostat offers is WIFI capability, energy reporting, air quality control, temperature programming, and air zoning. The feature I was most excited about was having access to my thermostat via my cell phone. I loved the idea of downloading an app onto my phone that connected me to my thermostat. It would make changing the temperature super easy and I could do it wherever and whenever I wanted. I purchased a smart thermostat online during a sale and I’ve been waiting patiently for it to be delivered to my home. I’m so excited to enjoy my new smart thermostat and all it has to offer.



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