Exercising outside with no HVAC is rough

My boyfriend works from home and is mainly on the phone.

It is a problem because I never can make noise.

Working out inside is a no when he is on the phone. Rather than wait in between calls, I just exercise outside. It is sometimes a great thing and sometimes not so great. In the fall and spring I love being outdoors. I don’t get overheated or too cold. The temperature is perfect to do my hour long workout. In the winter it is freezing cold. It takes forever for my muscles to warm up. I go from the house heating to subzero outdoor temperatures. I usually work out in a full on snow suit. That is never fun. In the summer, leaving the house air conditioning is downright painful. The outdoor air is so humid and warm. I usually have to get up early in order to work out. The temperatures can get up to the 100s if I wait too long. Even at 7 am the outside temperatures are rough. I literally drip with sweat. I make myself hurry through my warm up so I don’t get too sweaty. I don’t want to slip and fall on my folding mats. I need to take advantage of not being slippery as soon as possible. Every now and then I do cheat and jump inside for a minute. The AC cools me down and helps dry my sweat. I then jump back outside and do some more working out. It would be great to have climate control for a work out. But, it might actually be better for my body to adapt to the different temperatures.


Air conditioning worker