Extended stay for six months at the motel 6

My boss hired me to be the project manager for a new build.

I work for a large construction firm, and we just received the bid to build a corporate apartment building.

I’m pretty excited to build the corporate apartment building, but it means having to move out of state while we work on the construction. I have to be there every day to oversee things, and I can’t do that from 300 miles away. I have been looking for an extended stay rental, so I don’t have to spend six months at the Motel 6. Last time I was a project manager, we were stuck in the middle of Podunk America. There were no corporate rentals or furnished houses available in the area, and I was stuck in a motel during the entire time. It was completely miserable living in such a small space for that time. When my boss mentioned the new project build, I immediately started looking for an Extended Stay or furnished rental. I didn’t want to eat pizza every night for dinner, and I really wanted to find something with a kitchen. Luckily, the new project is in a very large city. I had no problem finding plenty of corporate housing for rent. Most of the places were furnished as well, with all of the amenities of home. The corporate rentals have a washer, dryer, queen-size bed, and fully equipped living room. The corporate rentals also have a completely stocked kitchen with coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, and dishes. With the comforts of my own home, I’ll be more comfortable and relaxed.
furnished house for rent