Extermination is the best job I ever had

In high school I really had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I knew what I liked to do for fun, but no particular vocation sounded appealing, even though I needed a job of some kind, a career, a way to make money and fund my fun times.

I cycled through any number of jobs, some better than others, and I didn’t love any of them, but I rarely hated them, either. And then one day I took a job that I quickly came to love. Ever since then I have worked full time for a pest control extermination company. We only handle the tough jobs, invasive wasps, hornets and Africanized bees and the like, not doing monthly pest control spraying in houses. If you come across a massive yellow jacket colony in your yard, don’t touch it, just call us and I will handle it for you. Please don’t think me ghoulish, because extermination is not the same thing as killing, this is a service that protects people. For example, in some cases we will work with bees, most of the time we refer those job to a bee removal service in town. There is often times no reason to exterminate beehives, when they can just be moved somewhere else and be very productive. But wasps are a far different matter, and I truly believe every wasp nest I wipe out makes the world a little bit safer. It took me a few years to find work that I loved to do, but I love extermination.

Residential bee removal