Eye irritation thanks to dirty air ducts’

I’m not a big fan of going to health professionals. I just don’t feel like they ever listen to what I’m saying or actually try to resolve my problems, so much as they shove medication at me and send me away. For the past several months I’ve been asking my eye doctor what solutions he can come up with to address my itchy eyes. I feel certain that there must be some sort of modern and medical solution for my uncomfortable eye balls. I never used to have this problem, and all of a sudden it seemed like my mucous membranes rebelled against me. Everyday, my eyes feel itchy, dry, and painful. I have no idea what’s going on and either does my eye doc. I’ve tried all sorts of drops and medications, but nothing has been resolving my discomfort. Recently, a close acquaintance of mine recommended that I have professional heating and cooling maintenance performed in my house. At first, I was a bit insulted that he thought my indoor air temperature control equipment was dirty. I certainly took good care of my central heating and cooling system. Or, so I thought. I changed the air filter on a regular basis, and had a professional HVAC technician service my air conditioning unit a year ago. I thought that was pretty good, as far as central heating and cooling appliances go. When the HVAC technician started investigating my heating and cooling system, however, he found the root of my eye irritation. As soon as he opened an air vent, he found masses of dust, debris, and dander trapped in my air ducts. The problem was my HVAC system all along. I need to apologize to my eye doctor.