Familiar with my heating and air

I ran away from my dwelling when I was 16, & did not return for close to twenty years. It wasn’t until my mother eventually passed away, joining my father in the fantastic hereafter, that I returned to the outdated farm home where I was raised as a child. It was a bittersweet trip, & brought back a lot of intense memories of events that made me decide to run away in the first place. I would have been easily okay with never seeing it again, however as the sole heir I was now the modern owner of the dwelling. I wasn’t sure what I even wanted to do, so I decided to stay there for a couple of weeks while I figured it out. My folks had never installed any kind of air conditioning appliance in all the years they lived in this ranch style dwelling. I didn’t remember the place being so scorching hot. Maybe the years of being accustomed to various types of climate control in every home made me a tad bit over spoiled, however it surely was blazing hot in there. If I was going to stay I needed some form of cooling, despite the fact that I was not entirely sure I wanted to commit the thousands of bucks it would take to get a central Heating & A/C appliance installed. Instead I opted to purchase a smaller window mounted AC appliance, and with this, I could move it from room to room as needed, because the a/c appliance was so lightweight. I set the AC appliance up in my old bedroom, the same one I used as a kid, & would move it downstairs every morning to aide in cooling off the home office.

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