Finally someone does something to fix the problem!

Our street light has been out for several weeks.

I’ve complained to the neighborhood association on more than one occasion, but they don’t seem to care. Even my neighbor wrote a letter, but no one fixed the light. Last weekend, all of that changed when Mr. Richards house was burglarized. Our neighbor was away for the weekend, and someone broke into his home and stole all of the electronics from the house. They got several laptop computers, two ipads, and gaming systems. They also stole some jewelry and valuable. The worst part was the fact that Mr. Richards home is right underneath the streetlight. Now I was armed with more fuel to get someone to fix the street light. I sent another email to the union representative and requested the street light be fixed immediately. I didn’t receive any response all weekend and then another neighbor’s house was robbed. This house was on the other side of the street where another light has been broken for the past six months. The homeowner has an HVAC business. Someone busted all of the windows in the HVAC work truck and stole $12,500 worth of equipment. The HVAC technician worked for a very busy and large commercial company. Since the news crew was there taking pictures, they asked a lot of questions. They wanted to know how long the street light was out. The neighborhood association was forced to make a quick decision to fix the light. I’m unhappy that my neighbor was robbed, but it took a burglary and an HVAC work truck robbery to get anyone to notice a problem.

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