Financial hit motivates big summer HVAC savings

There are very few people that I come into contact who didn’t sort of take it in the shorts financially with the pandemic.

While the stimulus checks certainly helped, they couldn’t replace a lost job and a big pay cut. This is what my family faced when we were all sent home to the safety of our air conditioning at home. My wife’s job was simply eliminated within days. That paycheck accounted for nearly 40 percent of our income. The zone controlled HVAC I enjoyed at the office was shut down as well. Fortunately, I was able to keep my job and work remotely from home. However, that too came with a big pay cut and no possibility of bonus last year. Thankfully, my wife found some part time work she could do online from the air conditioning of home. Still, we really had to dig deep in order to make ends meet. That meant so many cuts to so many areas of our household budget. Chief among those cuts were the cost of HVAC cooling throughout the broiling summer. Honestly, this change was well overdue as we really were wasteful when it came to HVAC cooling in our house. Still, it was a rude awakening to have a thermostat set in the low 80’s during the day. We all had fans on us as we worked and went to school from home. I have to say though that this was a good thing given that we won’t ever go back to the way we used to use the air conditioning in this house.

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