Finding a place to workout

I graduated from college with a large amount of debt.

I owed money for student loans.

I also had high car payments, health insurance and credit card debt. While I quickly found a job, I wasn’t making all that much money. I had no choice but to accept a cramped apartment in an older building located in a frightening area of the city. I was surrounded by a great deal of crime, noise and fights that happened right on the street in front of my apartment. I didn’t have the money to sign up for a gym membership. I lacked sufficient space within the apartment for anything more than a chin-up bar. I struggled to unroll a yoga mat. I tried jogging through the city, but I was so scared the whole time that it was a horrible experience. I did some research and discovered an athletic track that is free and open to the public. Almost every day, I would drive to this athletic field to complete my workout. I’d run between three and five miles on the track. Sometimes I’d bring my yoga mat and do crunches, push-ups or squats. I gradually started to bring along free weights and a jump rope. I had all this fitness gear packed in the trunk of my car. I researched the location of public parks and running trails in the nearby area. I worked to increase my distance, endurance and speed. When I got promoted at my job and began earning more money, I was able to afford to switch from that tiny apartment to nicer accommodations in a much safer area. I enrolled in a gym membership and now have access to a wide range of machines and fitness classes. However, my favorite workout is still finding someplace new to run.



Personal Trainer