Finding a trustworthy HVAC tech – play stupid

After that, I sat back and waited to see what he would tell me

Isn’t it a sad world that we live in? I feel like everything has gotten more violent, more Bleak, and more dangerous the longer I’ve been alive. Everybody is out to fend for themselves and the world is slowly burning. I’ve been trying my best to keep a positive outlook but I have a hard time maintaining any faith in the human race. I’ve even become suspicious of my friends, family, and neighbors. I don’t trust anybody these days because it feels like we’re on the cusp of Mad Max times. That’s why I’ve come up with a few practices that I used to help me decide whether somebody is trustworthy or not. Recently, I decided to test out to my favorite personality indicator on a heating and cooling technician that I had invited to the house. I had arrived home one day to find that our thermostat was not connecting to the central heating system. I knew that we needed to get the furnace upgraded and repaired before the winter season set in and our house was immediately freezing cold. I called out the technician and decided to give him the rope to hang himself, as usual. When he started asking about my heating situation, I played completely stupid. I told him I had no idea how my thermostat worked or where the hot air even came out of. I acted as though I didn’t understand what furnaces were used for. I denied the existence of air ducts inside of my walls. For 10 minutes, I made this guy’s head spin. After that, I sat back and waited to see what he would tell me. Luckily for both of us, he was an extremely honest guy and walked me through the basics of heating systems without trying to sell me something. After that, I trusted his professional opinion.


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