Fine dining even finer with excellent HVAC comfort

There really isn’t much mystery to the fact that good HVAC can have a very positive affect on just about all our activities.

This isn’t something that should be too hard to figure out. That is why I can hardly believe that some places of business pay no real mind to their heating and cooling. They just don’t seem to understand what a direct impact HVAC comfort has on customers. I adore getting to go out for dinner with my best friend and partner, my wife, to enjoy a lovely, well deserved treat. We have loved fine dining since we were both kids in the hospitality business. I just hate the fact that some of these meals are simply ruined due to someone’s lack of common sense. There a certain places that I know the lack of HVAC attention is due to poor management. If you are a manager at a fine dining establishment, the HVAC is not the sort of detail one disregards. Then there are some other places we’ve been that are attempting to make an old building a restaurant. This is a very envogue sort of thing to do. But, trying to do so with the same tired HVAC system is just stupid in my opinion. There is nothing worse for a diner than having to shiver or sweat through their meal. This is supposed to be the sort of experience where we get to taste a bit of the good life for all our efforts. Honestly, it makes me just about give up on the whole idea. My wife and now hunt for sort of hole in the wall places where the food is the star and the rest of it can be simply overlooked.

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