Finishing the air conditioner

There’s nothing as humbling as attempting a simple repair or service, only to find that the process is all but simple. When I tried to change the oil for my beat-up old pickup truck, I went into it with a drain pan, a screwdriver, five quarts of fresh oil and my own foolish ambition. Three hours later, I emerged from the ordeal covered in slick oil and grease, bruises and cuts on my hands, and five wasted quarts of oil due to my ignorance. Did you notice that I forgot an oil filter when I listed my supplies for the “easy fix”? Yeah, my point exactly! Anyway, I went through a very similar ordeal when I decided I would perform my own seasonal heating and air conditioning system check-up. The plan was as straightforward as it goes: change the air filter, vacuum the ductwork, check the refrigerant line and hose out the coils and fins of the A/C unit. My first issue came from buying the wrong size for my air filter, so that had to be bumped back on my to-do list for this check-up. Next, I realized that my vacuum couldn’t reach more than a foot into the ductwork without hitting an elbow in the duct’s layout, meaning I needed a special hose to clean the ducts. That too got bumped back! Then, I tried to check the refrigerant line, and managed to spray my legs with ice-cold refrigerant as I disconnected the hose. Utterly frustrated, I didn’t even bother trying to hose the coils down as I didn’t see the point, as something would probably go wrong. It’s a good thing I didn’t – the power was still on for the system, so I probably would’ve electrocuted myself while trying to hose down the fins of the A/C system!

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