Fitness classes for pre-wedding groups

Every wants to look fantastic for their wedding and now many brides and grooms only want their best looking friends in the wedding. The wedding used to be for your best friends or favorite family members. Now, the wedding has become a fashion show for the perfect people. Everything needs to be picture perfect. A lot of brides are leading their bridal party into the battlefield against non-perfect figures. They are making it mandatory that their entire bridal party go to physical training so their dress looks perfect on them. The bridal party blindly follows their leader into a physical training class twice a week. They work with personal trainers, in hopes of fitting into the two sizes too small dress that the bride has ordered for them. If you don’t look perfect in the dress you are out of the wedding, which makes the bridesmaid unhappy. They eagerly go to the physical training and allow the personal trainer to put them through torturous workouts. Lately, I have seen a lot of the groom and his groomsmen who are also going through this strive for perfection. As a personal trainer, I love when summer comes around and the season of weddings is in full swing. That is when I can take a quick vacation before the need for a personal trainer for wedding parties, begins. When the summer weddings end, we start working with the winter and spring weddings. There aren’t very many fall weddings, even though I think that is the best time of year to get married.


Group Fitness Training Classes