Fitness is very important to me

Since I was just a young girl, physical interest a crucial part of my life! While I was growing up, I was heavily involved in gymnastics, dance & cheerleading.

  • Nearly everyday after school I would attend some style of practice.

I was typically tied up with competitions, tournaments or games on weekends. When I went to school, I continued all of these activities on a greater & more intense scale. It never actually occurred to me how difficult it would be to keep up with this level of fitness as I became older. Once I got married, had numerous small children & worked a full-time task, it was a serious challenge to find time to workout. I sometimes went for runs while pushing a meanderer. I worked out to videos with numerous teenagers crawling all over me, then as the teenagers became older, life simply became more chaotic. I was then driving them to their own practices & games… Because a healthy lifestyle is crucial to me, I’ve typically figured out ways to get a good workout in some capacity. Now that I’m in my fifties, my teenagers are all grown up with households of their own. I have plenty of time to workout everyday, however the complication now is that my age sometimes frustrates me. I am no longer able to workout in the same way I was able to back then. I can’t run more than nine miles, perform back handsprings or do a bunch of push ups on a whim. However, I am perfectly dedicated to maintaining my strength, flexibility, balance & stamina. Because of my commitment to regular exercise, I look & feel younger than a majority of my peers. I haven’t suffered any serious health complications or injuries either.
Fitness coahing