Flip that old home

An Uncle of mine died recently and left me his large however old house.

I particularly wasn’t feeling certain about what to do with it.

I had an architect acquaintance come right out to look at it. He felt strongly that the bones of the home were quite structurally sound somehow. The rest of it was a wreck. There particularly wasn’t anything of note to save from the interior of the home. I thought long and hard about this issue however decided to renovate the apartment with a particular back up plan in mind. I’ve had some particularly fantastic fortune in our life thus far, so I decided I wanted to spend money that forward a bit. I’m retired early at this point so I decided to live in the home while I renovated. My first personal target was the HVAC or the lack there of. The home was old and also had a giant boiler in the cellar. The only cooling was delivered by some extremely decrepit window cooling system units and ceiling fans. The fans I kept running however the rest I yanked out. An HVAC company came out not long after to persuade me to know about going with some newer HVAC technology that would go right along with our overall plan for the house. He also proposed I put in multi split heating and cooling device throughout the large house. This way each section with one of the multi split units would be totally independent of the other. The installation was not cumbersome because there actually are no ducts required. I appreciated the idea. See, I personally have extended family all around in this section who have a pretty hard time getting by. The way I renovated the home would allow for several apartments that readily can be occupied by members of the family who are a bit down on their own luck. The multi split HVAC plan suited this perfectly.