Flooding wrecks workout equipment

Our sump pumps were unable to operate, and the basement flooded.

When we first moved into our house, the basement was constantly wet. We had problems with mold growth, mildew and musty smells. Because of this, the basement area of the home was almost worthless. I finally hired a company that specializes in wet basements. They installed a series of sump pumps and added a drainage trench along the outside perimeter of the basement. It was an invasive and costly project. When the job was completed, however, the basement was finally dry. I was thrilled to no longer require rubber boots to do laundry in the basement. I invested in a rug, couch, some chairs and a TV. I arranged an area for the kids to play. I also bought myself some workout gear for a home gym. I spent a significant amount of money on a treadmill and stationary bike. I also added a yoga mat, weight bench, free weights, kettlebells and battle ropes. I had all the equipment I needed for great workout sessions every day. The next Spring, our area got hit by a huge storm. There were super high winds, heavy downpours and rapid snowmelt. Falling branches and trees knocked out electric lines and left the whole area without power for many days. Without electricity, we struggled with no lights, hot water, internet or air conditioning. Our sump pumps were unable to operate, and the basement flooded. There was several feet of standing water. The dirty water wrecked my new furniture, carpet, appliances and in my treadmill and stationary bike. I found mold thriving on the yoga mat and other equipment.



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