Fly me to the moon

My kids had heard about a park that was themed around the moon. The park was called Fly Me to the Moon. I thought they had heard wrong, but being a good mom, I decided to look for the ‘park’ based on their information. I found out that it was more of a trampoline park. The trampolines were made to look like moon craters. I got the address, which was local, and I took them to the ‘park’. The trampolines were set up for kids who weren’t quite school age and my boys were seven and eight. The people watching the kids were yelling at them to be careful with the little ones. My boys were little compared to some of the ‘little’ ones. They didn’t go by weight, but they had ages on large cards that they wore on their backs. It was also very warm in the building. I said something about the AC to the young girl and she told me there wasn’t air conditioning on the moon. My boys were sweating and I told her they could be sick without the AC on a hot day like this. She told me it was because of their age and not the air conditioning. I was so upset that I went right to the parent company and I complained. I complained about the air conditioning and how my kids were marked by age even though they were smaller than most other kids. “Fly Me to the Moon” was closed one week after it opened. I was not the only parent who complained.


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