Found window AC in the trash

My boyfriend will frequently pick things out of people’s trash.

  • I hate it when he brings someone else’s junk home.

He always thinks he found a treasure when really it is just worthless. We have plastic patio furniture that all tilt to one side. We also have a folding table that can’t even hold one pan. 99% of what my boyfriend brings home is total garbage. The one percent is the one time he brought over a window air conditioner. The cooling device was dented, rusted and totally wet. The air conditioner did not turn on either. My boyfriend spent weeks messing with the cooling unit. He cleaned it up and replaced tons of parts on it. He spent so long researching and trying to get it to work. He finally did manage to get the AC operational. We now have window cooling in our home and it is awesome. For once he did find a gem. He had to make the trash into something worthwhile, but now it is amazing. Having window cooling is a total game changer. At night we used to use a window fan. Getting actual cold air rather than recycled hot air is so different. I even work out in our bedroom due to the AC now. The two of us like the AC so much that we are talking about getting central air conditioning installed in the home. It is so great to have. But, because of that one thing turning out great, he is always bringing new trash home. Nothing will ever beat the AC find.

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