Free air filters

I try to always listen to medical professionals, and I listen to scientists, and I don’t claim to be either.

I don’t have the mental capacity for that sort of thing.I got my private school degree, got a job, and raised a family. I don’t claim to suppose how to take care of the government, or repair the economy, and I entirely don’t suppose anything about the world of science. I trust that math is neutral and deals in facts, therefore I am listening to them when it comes to handling this pandemic situation. At the same time however, I really can’t stop living my life, and I can’t just close my Heating and A/C corporation down, can I? One of the things that I did while I was in the first month was to call up all of our priority customers and make sure they have fresh, disinfect air filters to use in their systems for the next month or 2, and by “priority customers” I mean the people that have signed up for the annual Heating and A/C service system I offer, these are my loyal and amazing customers that I have developed a relationship with, so I made sure they had the basic requirements for their while I was in this time. Air filters are more crucial now than maybe ever before, and I wanted to take care of my people! Any person who did not have a 2 month supply of air filters, I stopped by and left some for them on their front step, free of charge, of course, because disinfecting air filters now will mean less labor for me in repairs and service later.


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