Fresh air – sleep outside some mornings

Occasionally I guess I’ll never be “the same” as “normal” people.

I mean, when I was a kid, I grew up in a unusual household, however my family didn’t have the same financial status as most of the people in my area.

The two of us lived on a big farm, had a minor income, plus produced most of our food plus clothing ourselves. The two of us definitely lived the self-explanatory life. The two of us barely had modern amenities, such as TV, indoor lighting, plus central heating plus cooling equipment. There were times that every one of us opted to go without all modern appliances. In fact, growing up, every one of us rarely utilized any form of indoor air temperature control whatsoever. Most of the time, every one of us relied on nature’s ventilation for our indoor air temperature control. Living out in the country on a big Farm, every one of us had awesome outdoor air quality. The climate was comfortable enough plus the air constantly felt fresh plus clean. When every one of us opened our windows plus fresh air came streaming in from outside, it was constantly so wipe plus refreshing. I truly enjoyed the sensation of waking up to a nice cool morning with the windows open plus a breeze blowing through. As an adult, I assume love I am a bit unusual because of my experiences growing up. I still hate to use central heating plus cooling systems. I am not a fan of my forced air gas furnace or the big air conditioning plan outside, honestly, I like fresh air anytime I can get it. I am sure my friends plus neighbors guess that I’m a real kook, especially when I opt to sleep outside in fresh air rather than utilizing my central Heating and A/C plan indoors.
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