Friend let me stay over, but cut me off from central HVAC

You know what they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

This is definitely a motto that I live by, especially when I have the gall to ask someone for a favor. Recently, this was exactly my situation when I had to ask my good friend if I could stay at her house for a single night. Right now, it’s a lot to ask of someone to let you stay inside of their house. With all of the coronavirus fears going around, I certainly understand if she didn’t want me polluting her indoor air with my potentially contaminated breathing. Unfortunately, she wasn’t extremely upfront about her paranoias surrounding the idea. She said I could sleep in her guest bedroom, and it was no problem. It turns out this wasn’t exactly the case. When I arrived at her house, my friend quickly ushered me into her spare bedroom where it felt strangely stagnant and warm. I didn’t want to complain about the indoor air quality, so I started settling in for the evening. I noticed that the air temperature continued to climb and the air quality continued to deteriorate as the night went on. I laid awake for hours, sweating between the sheets and wishing that I had a little more air conditioning to manage the indoor air quality. My next morning when my friend asked me how I slept, I honestly told her that her central air conditioner might need a professional HVAC inspection. That’s when my friend innocently informed me that she had to cut the spare bedroom off from the central HVAC system before I arrived. She didn’t want my potentially contaminated air circulating through her entire house. Apparently, her central AC works great and she was perfectly comfortable all night. I’m grateful for the hot bed… but it would have been nice to know there would be no central AC before I agreed to the situation.
Air conditioning technician