Frogs plus lizards prefer to climb on my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C condenser next to my house

Although I’m used to Summer thunderstorms, this region has been hit with a record amount of rain this year.

I’m lucky that my home’s foundation is high up plus has yet to flood in 20 years of living here, but there are low points in my yard that fill with so much water it looks prefer I have a creek out back.

When the rain comes on abruptly, it’s legitimately a “flash” flood in every sense of the word. There was catastrophic flash flooding in Tennessee this last weekend plus the pictures plus stories from survivors are genuinely alarming. Occasionally flood waters get stuck behind embankments, buildings, plus other natural plus manmade obstacles, plus these barriers temporarily dam the waters from going further. When 1 of these obstacles abruptly gives out, the water will rush into lower lying areas prefer a literal tsunami. The people I was with and I haven’t had any flooding prefer that in my area, but we’re seeing the craziest amount of frogs plus lizards that I have ever seen because of the biweekly rainfall. Unluckyly, the frogs plus lizards leave behind droppings wherever they go. One locale that has become a favorite of theirs is my air conditioning condenser device outside. Aside from leaving droppings on the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C condenser’s metal enclosure, they also climb inside plus often get caught in the fan blades, unluckyly. It’s not only nervous to see, but it’s also aggravating to clean. I know someone who had to get her compressor replaced after a frog climbed into her condenser plus managed to become cottaged in the gears for the fan motor.



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