From drug addict to HVAC technician

When I tell people about my family they’re often blown away.

Every member of my nuclear family has been to Hell and back again.

We all have fairly inspiring stories that seem to give other people a lot of strength. My oldest brother, for example, has probably come the furthest of us all. Only five years ago he was in prison after a lifetime spent as a heroin addict. When I was growing up, I remember all the times he stole home appliances to pawn off. Nothing was safe; not even our central heating and cooling system. In his most desperate times, he would gladly disassemble and destroy our air conditioning unit outside for parts. He was extremely mechanically minded and he easily took apart the advanced air temperature control machine to take the copper wiring out. After that, he would reassemble the central AC unit and run off into the night. His HVAC thievery and drug addiction went on for over 12 years. Wouldn’t you know, today he is an upstanding citizen with a difficult job… In the air quality control industry. Shortly after getting out of prison, he managed to get an internship at a local heating and cooling repair shop. After he’d proven himself to the certified HVAC technicians that he was working under, he began visiting residential HVAC repair jobs with them. Soon, he was a dedicated Heating and Cooling technician all his own. These days, he’s the best certified HVAC professional at a large heating, cooling, and ventilation dealership. It’s amazing to think that his inherent ability to destroy air conditioning devices transformed into a professional career in the HVAC industry. We couldn’t be prouder.


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