From Poor to Rich

I have little respect for rich people who brag of being successful after being given a million-dollar “starter fund” from Mom and Mom or a loaded Uncle… I do respect those who started with nothing and worked their way to success.

My respect for those who are not rich but abruptly come into a financial windfall is based on how they handle it.

I tell people that if I won the lottery, I would spend half of it on “wine, ladies, and song” and then would waste the balance of it, however the other afternoon, I was sitting in our beat-up recliner thinking about how I would spend the money if I were to win the lottery. Then, our outdated Heating and A/C unit switched on and up until then, I never realized how loud it was. I began to afternoondream about our post-lottery mansion and how quiet it would be with Heating and A/C that used VRF technology, then vRF stands for “Variable Refrigerant Flow”. Instead of the singular air handler, it has many smaller ones that run at variable speeds, The method unquestionably accurately controls the use of refrigerant and because it runs at a lower capacity, it is quieter, unlike our A/C unit that rudely awakens me from a peaceful nap. My dream mansion would have numerous rooms that might require unusual temperature settings and a VRF method can take heat energy from a warm room and move it into space where more warmth is needed and vice versa. VRF can reduce drafts and can be teamed up with smart home temperature control technology, a must in any mansion, then and even though I won’t need to scrimp and save after our lottery win, our Heating and A/C method with VRF will run efficiently making me even richer.


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