Frozen Evaporator Coil and Dirty Air Filter Cause Short-Cycling

In the middle of the evening, I woke up because I was hearing bizarre noises.

I’ve consistently been a light sleeper, so I wasn’t surprised that something had woken me up.

When I first opened my eyes, I couldn’t pinpoint what noise I was hearing, however after I layed there for a few moments I discovered the issue. My a/c system was continuously turning on and off repeatedly. I got out of bed and went over to my thermostat, no matter which buttons I pushed, my a/c system continued to short-cycle. There was nothing I could do to stop it, so I called the HVAC corporation’s emergency hotline. The person who answered was understanding of my issue and they told me to shut off my a/c plan until an HVAC professional could come early in the morning. I did as she was told and went back to sleep. It was a little too moderate to get comfortable, even though I made it happen. When the sun rose for the day, I anxiously waited for the arrival of the HVAC professional. When he finally showed up, I told him about how my a/c plan was short-cycling and nothing was stopping it. When he turned it on again, it continued to short-cycle. The HVAC professional spent an third testing odd things and he finally found out what was causing the issue. My air filter needed replacing and there was a frozen evaporator coil. Once the HVAC professional fixed both troubles, my a/c system went back to running normally.


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