Furnace unable to keep up with demand

Winter time is one of the best times of the year for me. Both when I was growing up and now as an adult, I anticipate the first snow of the season. I like to go ice skating, spending time with friends and family over the holidays and so much more. I love the beauty of the Winter landscape. Unfortunately, the bitter chill accompanies the snow and can be difficult to deal with. It used to be especially uncomfortable, because I had an ancient furnace struggled to keep up with the demands of heating the house. First thing when I’d get out of bed in the morning, I would wrap a blanket around my shoulders and head to the thermostat to check how low the temperature had dropped in the house. Now and then, I would be pleasantly surprised to find that the furnace managed to hold the temperature at around 70 degrees. Some days, it would barely keep the home at 58-60 degrees. I always made sure to schedule service for the gas furnace every fall. It didn’t seem to matter. It simply wasn’t capable of handling the heating of the house on especially cold days and nights. The furnace was ancient and leaked heated air from holes in the ducts. There was also uninsulated areas in the house. I would often spend the days bundled up in blankets and fuzzy slippers to combat the cold. The furnace ran just about non stop, but I still needed to supplement the heat with electric baseboard heaters for most of the Winter. Eventually, I replaced the furnace and improved the efficiency of the whole house.

Air conditioning worker