Furry animals mean more air filter changes

I can’t understand where all of the fur and dander comes from in our house.

I try to keep it outside where it belongs, but somehow it still gets into the house and into the air vents.

I have to change my air filters at least once a week, or my air filters get clogged and I’m afraid it is going to get into the HVAC system and ruin it. It wasn’t always like this, but my husband and son decided they were going to turn our home into a pet foster home. Now, we have a whole herd of dogs and cats running around in our home. They were supposed to keep the animals strictly in the basement, but that didn’t last long. The dogs and cats were constantly at war and I wasn’t happy. Now we have designated rooms for them inside the house. I thought maybe we could split the garage into equal sections, but that didn’t work either. I mean, they do take care of the house, and they also make sure the air filters are changed regularly. I worry about the odors that are in my house, but my husband assured me that the air purifier would quickly dispel them. I wish I could go back to changing the air filters once a month. It was so much easier and cheaper. Now, if I let it go even a couple days over, my air quality goes downhill and I am risking my furnace or air conditioning. My son and husband plan on continuing bringing in dogs and cats, and I will continue to buy the air filters by the case.
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