Gave up on installing my own a/c

I made the horrible mistake of thinking I could install my own air conditioner.

I bought a cooling system online and then realized I was in way over my head.

For starters, did you know that if you want to remove or install a unit with refrigerant, you need to get a special EPA certification? The certification costs money and is an exam you need to study for. Without that certification, you are not legally supposed to handle the equipment. Maybe you think nobody will catch you. The other snag is when you need to buy refrigerant, you can’t without that certification. Another issue is there are building permits and paperwork to fill out with the county. An additional snag onto that is the setup process is not as simple as plugging in a window ac unit. I looked online for information and then watched videos. I estimated that handling the air conditioner installation would take me weeks. I don’t make an hourly wage doing this. I also was worried about damaging the equipment. If I put in the wrong amount of refrigerant on the initial installation, the cooling system will never be the same. It will need more future HVAC repairs and have a decreased lifespan. I ended up throwing in the towel and hiring an air conditioning professional to just do the installation. It was way too much work and expense. The HVAC professional wasn’t even happy that I bought the system too. Apparently I picked a too small unit and a cheap one.

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