Get out of my house now

Last warm season, I had an encounter with a horrible Heating plus A/C specialist who was drunk.

I had an issue with our unit where instead of blowing any amount of cool air, it was blowing hot air which made warm season legitimately uncomfortable.

I went out and contacted the lake home comfort business, requesting a serviceman. They were so damn efficient in addition to sent a single within 20 thirds. I was blissful about the fast service, however, I noticed that when the AC professional got to our house, I could smell the alcohol on his breath from ten yards away. I immediately asked if he was up for the work, to which he answered that he had a little incident with a client in addition to had a bottle of whiskey spilled on his clothes in addition to that is why he smelled. I let him proceed with the AC care. No sooner had he started working than I had a loud sound. He had dropped a component of the quality AC in addition to shattered it. I kicked the unruly serviceman out of our home when I saw his trembling hands. The local cooling in addition to the modern heating provider sent over a cooling expert he came with his colleague. They proceeded as expected with the heat pump service. They replaced the AC filter in order to improve the air purification. The current Heating plus A/C technology installed included a current dial thermostat plus, even an advanced heat pump component. I was blissful I did not have to maintenance the AC set up that the drunk ruined. I sued the supplier in addition to got compensated for the bad client service.
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