Get the temperature control alone

Unfortunately in just a little over multiple weeks, our mother-in-law will be flying down to stay with my partner and I for awhile.  It was a last minute trip hastily planned after a violent storm put a tree through her roof, forcing her to leave for the duration of the repairs.  Although I was cheerful to lend our beach home to someone in need, actually the very last human on earth that I would willingly choose to do this for is our mother-in-law.  She doesn’t even hide her contempt for me, and for the past 10 years or so, I have continuously failed at figuring out why. She’s harshily critical of my partner and usually sends her to our kitchen weaping in tears at least once every time she visits.  There’s constantly something wrong with the food the we all will feed her, regardless of whether or not I or our partner cooks it. Although she constantly manages to hate mine a little more if the people I was with and I bother telling her I was the 1 who cooked.  And on top of it all, that woman has the gall to control our Heating, Ventilation and A/C temperature control like she’s in a hotel room! It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what the weather is like outside, in her twisted mind, there has to constantly be something wrong with the heating and cooling in our house.  Finally, in a fit of valid frustration, I drove to the hardware store and asked about what our possibilites are. To our surprise, a store buddy recommended that I buy a ductless mini split a/c, which would supply our mother-in-law full temperature control over the guest room, if I did install 1 on the wall in there. It just takes a single hole in the wall to feed the wires and tubing to the condenser unit outside, otherwise it’s essentially non-invasive on your area and can be put on almost any exterior wall.  Although I will expect her to find concerns with the new setup in some conceivable way, at least this will keep her wretched hands off the temperature control for the rest of our house.

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