Getting a deal on meal delivery service

A quick way to catch my attention is with discounts or a deal of some kind.

My Oma taught my mom the importance of a good deal & my mom taught me.

At this point, it’s become ingrained in me. I always head straight to the clearance bins. I paw through them, even when I don’t need the items on sale. I can’t resist a cost-saving bargain. Because of this, I have a collection of things I don’t actually need. I’ve gotten a good deal on all of the items, but I wasted my money on something I could have done without. I recently signed up for a meal delivery service. I wasn’t looking to have my meals delivered. I came across the website and they were advertising a special. Every time I spent over $50, I’d receive a free meal. I usually order take-out food online. I figured this would be even better and save some money. It didn’t take long for my orders to add up to over $50. Plus I get the benefit of meal delivery. The meals are well-balanced and healthy. They are much better for me than take-out food. When I placed an order for meal delivery, my total was high enough that I was eligible for the free meal. I noticed that the free meal was not part of the regular menu. When the delivery arrived, I ate the free meal for dinner that night. I was slightly disappointed. The meal portions for the freebie are child-sized. I am, however, happy with the meals I paid for. There is a wide variety of choices. All I need to do is bake the meals. There’s no prep work or pots and pans to scrub afterward. They are filling and delicious. It is much more convenient than ordering from a restaurant or cooking for myself.

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