Getting a HVAC tune up while my husband is gone

My husband totally works from home and does not have a lot of hobbies.

Getting him to leave the house is just about impossible.

Very rarely will he leave longer than an hour to run errands. When he does though, I am frantic to get things accomplished. I am going to luck out this weekend. My husband is traveling back home for his 10 year reunion. I have so much planned for when he is gone. The first thing I am going to do is get a HVAC contractor in the house to perform a tune up. My husband is one of those guys who feels he is very handy. If he thought I was going to pay to get our HVAC cleaned, he would be trying to do it himself. I am worried about him damaging the equipment. I also think there might be a repair needed. I want a HVAC professional to deduce that himself. So I need to sneak the HVAC worker in and out. During the reunion trip I am going to hussle the worker along. I need to get the machine oiled, tightened, and cleaned. I need to get all repairs fixed before sunday night. While the HVAC contractor works, I am going to toss out my husband’s old clothes he never wears and mop the floors. I am so excited to get these things done in secret. I never can do any of that while he is here. He would not allow anything to be tossed and loves tracking through my water. It is going to be a great weekend for me!

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