Getting back on my feet

I had to learn all of our motor functions over again

I joined the military immediately after High School, plus I went into the army many weeks after I finally graduated. I had to choose a job, so I officially gained how to repair heating, ventilation, A/C, plus refrigeration units professionally! The military provided myself and others all of the advanced training that I needed to become a certified Heating, Ventilation plus commercial A/CR professional. I spent most of our time working on the commercial refrigeration units in the mess hall. I continued to learn more and more about the heating plus A/C field right up until our accident. I was working on the large air-conditioning in one of our jetliner hangers. The entire building has a high tech weather conditions control system, however there is A/C available for all of the offices. The weather conditions control system wasn’t efficiently working, so I was up on the roof trying to complication-shoot the equipment, however a particularly heavy gust of wind knocked myself and others off our balance plus I firmly fell from the ladder. I fell nearly 40 feet plus I had extensive injuries. I was held up in the hospital for many weeks, plus after that I was in physical rehab for nearly many years. I had to learn how to walk again, but unfortunately one of the injuries was to our back. I had to learn all of our motor functions over again. Now, I don’t recognize if I’ll labor in the heating plus A/C field ever again. I’m hopeful because I miss being able to efficiently labor with our hands, but right now, I’m just concentrating on getting myself better one afternoon at a time.


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