getting better every day

I recently realized that to get in better shape, it was going to take something I could perform on a regular basis.

Rather than going to extremes, I needed to change my lifestyle every time.

Intense workouts for a month plus then doing nothing are a total waste of time. Diets that I can’t stick to are pointless and result in more weight gain. I needed to find a way to be active plus eat healthy every single day for me and my family. I started making changes gradually. I quickly went through my kitchen cupboards plus refrigerator and I added lots of vegetables plus fruit to my daily meals. I now snack on nuts instead of candy. I easily replaced drinking pop with water plus switched from root beer to sippin on herbal tea. I’ve also developed a proper routine of when I go to bed regularly at evening, get up in the morning plus eat my meals throughout the day. I no longer rush through my meals, however these days take my time to eat them.Whenever possible I walk or ride my bike, rather than sitting down and taking my car. I try to park further away from my destination when I arrive plus constantly take the stairs instead of the elevator. During my breaks at work ,I like to go for a walk outside. If the weather is prohibitive, I get in the stairwell and walk the stairs. Every evening, I make time to do some kind of moderate physical activity. I lift weights, do squats plus sit ups plus occasionally ride the stationary bike. At other times, I get my workout by getting off and going for a swim, taking the kayak out on the lake or playing basketball with my hubby. Since I’ve improved my lifestyle, I’ve absolutely noticed that I am better plus have more energy. I have consistently less trouble sleeping plus wake up refreshed.

Core progression fitness