Getting crucial help from my buddy with my life-coaching business

I am actually in the process of starting a life-coaching business because my passion is basically to help people to become more well-rounded & generally happier during their lives! I totally like it when I can help to improve someone’s confidence or help them to achieve their critical goals.

I would like my business to be severely successful, so I contacted my fine neighbor Lisa, who is the VP of Business Development for her actual company.

To get some advice, however Lisa knows branding, & with her pressing knowledge, I guess that I would be able to create a brand for my business that will allow my life-coaching services to entirely stand out amongst the competition. Life-coaching companies have become legitimately popular, & currently, there are a few odd niches that are in major demand right now. One of which is the mindset & accountability niche, which is the primary focus of my business. After talking to Lisa, she gave me some crucial advice on how to create a brand! She proposed that I use a full maintenance commercial printing company to print business & rack cards, posters, promotional, & SEO packages. She also was telling me to hire a graphics & design contractor to create a professional logo for my actual business. She gave me the number to the company that she actually uses, & confirmed that they will put together the logo at a relatively low price. I am really happy that I can get these printing & design services for especially cheap because I would like to keep my start-up cost terribly low. I reached out to both companies that Lisa proposed, & I am extremely gleeful to start this business. I can’t wait to see the finished logo & the products that I will end up getting from the printing company.

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