Getting dark by 6pm

It is reaching that time of the year when it gets dark around 6 in the evening. And when this happens this is also a sign to myself and others that it is time to turn off our central a/c plan for the year and get ready to change over to the central heating, and not that I really would need this reminder as our body and the outside temperatures would tell myself and others alone; But where I live, all of us still have hot days where you need the central a/c plan and sporadically you forget that at night it is about to get cool out there to where you would freeze your tail off if you run the central a/c plan unit, so the fact that it is getting dark early tells and reminds myself and others to turn off the central a/c plan for the day and night, however usually within a month after this, there is no more need for central a/c and everything is going to be changed over to the central heating on the thermostat. I thankfully also have 1 of those smart thermostats. And the smart thermostat certainly knows when it is time to switch over most of the time. But like all kindles, nothing is perfect, so I regularly make sure that the central a/c is completely off at night once it gets dark at 6pm, and then a month or so later I make sure that the central a/c plan is not even on at all and that everything is set to the central oil furnace!


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