Getting hit on by HVAC professional

I thought it was weird that he asked for our phone number in case of any HVAC emergencies

It drives me absolutely insane how presumptuous and boundary illiterate some men can be. Call me a wild feminist, but in my experience I have not had great fortune getting through to my male counterparts! It seems like no matter what I say, they only have one thing in mind, and it’s not my brilliant views on world politics or biology. The only thing they ever care about is their own male biology, if you catch my drift, and recently, this was even the case when it came to arranging a routine heating and cooling inspection for my central HVAC system. I had been putting off the air quality control service appointment for at least a year because I did not have a lot of money to spend money a professional HVAC serviceman, but finally, I had some spare money and I knew that I needed to diagnose my A/C method before the brutal overheated and humid summer set in. I called the local heating and cooling service shop and arranged for a routine service and diagnostics appointment for my cooling system. When the HVAC serviceman arrived at my house he was instantly a bit strange, and he kept asking me questions about my wife and our thermostat settings together. After the a/c method was repaired, he approached me for payments. I thought it was weird that he asked for our phone number in case of any HVAC emergencies. After he texted me at 12 a.m. for many days in a row, I now understood why. Dude, I just wanted my HVAC method repaired, this wasn’t supposed to be a first date.