Getting into a jump rope style workout

I have gotten really into jumping rope.

It was something I liked to do as a little girl and then got away from for many years.

After reading a fitness article on the many benefits of jumping rope, I did some research into the best type of rope to purchase. I invested into a CrossRope system. It is quite unique in that the ropes rather than the handles are weighted. A single set of handles connects to interchangeable ropes that come in quarter-pound, half-pound, one-pound and two-pound weights. Each rope provides a very different type of workout. I also downloaded an app on my phone that offers guided training sessions. The sessions offer a variety of levels from beginner to advanced and are anywhere from 8 minutes to an hour long. Some of the workouts are strictly jumping while others incorporate lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, crunches and jumping jacks. They focus on endurance or HIIT and track the amount of calories burned. I have gradually built my endurance and can now handle the hour-long, expert-level jumping sessions. I really enjoy having a record of my workouts. Through the app, I can easily see how many calories I’ve burned over the course of a week, a month or a year. The training options change every week, and it’s fun to try new ones. Because of my focus on jumping rope, I’ve seen an improvement in my muscle tone and stamina. I’ve also lost weight and slimmed down my legs. I have even invested into a special jump rope mat to minimize impact on my joints.


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