Getting my daughter resettled at home thanks to HVAC technology

I was sort of crushed for my daughter.

She hadn’t been with the company that she started with right out of college for very long.

It was actually the company that she interned with before she graduated from college. She took me on a tour once. The place was so nice. Very well appointed work space with zone controlled HVAC. She just loved that she had a job there and in her field to boot. But when the pandemic hit two years ago, she was one of the unfortunate folks to get laid off and not called back. This was tough for her. She was already struggling a bit to pay the rent on a an apartment that, in my opinion, was just too fancy for right out of college. It had just about everything. I mean the gym in that place had better commercial HVAC than the gym my wife and I belonged to. Well, it didn’t take long before I figured she was running through her savings to stay afloat. So I offered her a place in our house. It’s not the family home which we sold a few years ago. It’s much smaller but it has a finished basement that was ideal for a 1 bedroom apartment. My daughter and I made a project of it while she gave notice on her apartment. I even had the HVAC company come in to install a ductless heat pump. That gave her control of her own heating and cooling. And wow, did that ductless heat pump ever produce some high quality heating and air.



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