Getting on a few calls

It is quite natural that grandchildren should love their Grandfather Rents even more than their birth parents; Unfortunately, I grew up a highly dysfunctional family where affection was almost non existent. My Grandfather Rents were even more demanding than my parents, and granddad was the best of the lot and when she died, it was honestly a loss. So when my Grandma asked – no demanded that I spend a area of the holidays with her, it was the last thing I wanted to do. In the end, my mother guilted myself and others into going.

            Grandma lived on a farm in the high country, where creature comforts were not regarded as something of much importance. There was no form of temperature control; no HVAC system to cool the house in summer time or supply heat in winter. I knew it would be snowing in those mountains at this time of year, so I decided to take lots of blazers, two coats and a tiny space oil furnace as well. Imagine my surprise when I entered Grandma’s house and really felt warm!  Clean, warm, comforting air surrounded myself and others care about a big hug.

           Grandma giggled (something not normal for her) and explained that my father had had radiant heating installed in her house. I took off my shoes and my toes felt the best they ever had. The warm air, generated from tepid water in pipes below the floor,  was rising, as warm air does, and laboring its magic to transform a frigid old house into a warm, comfortable place. Radiant heating also seemed to have warmed my Grandma’s heart!

           Every one of us had the best time ever.  

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