Give me a break

As a police officer, it is difficult to tell you that I hate it when we get domestic abuse calls.

It can be the craziest experience of any you can have.

You don’t know if you are going to walk into a dangerous situation, or if it is going to be something ridiculous. The other week, I had one of those ridiculous situations. I think that if I had been so aggravated with the couple, I would have laughed at them. They were so silly in their reasoning for their fighting. I walked in and they were actually hitting each other to get them away from the thermostat. I watched the wife punch her husband in the mouth because he was trying to argue with her. I was finally able to block the punches and find out what was going on. When the man started talking, he got to the word thermostat and she screamed at him. I politely asked him to let her talk. She told me that he wouldn’t let her turn up the thermostat. He thought she should just cover up with a jacket. He said that he did say that. He couldn’t be comfortable when the thermostat was set at seventy-five. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t set the thermostat to sixty-eight and she could wear a sweater or lightweight jacket. She reached over and slapped him while calling him an idiot. I threatened to take her to jail if she laid her hand on him one more time. I finally got to leave, but they were ready to fight over which HVAC company to call to get Zone Control in the house.


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