Giving my colleagues the gift of zone controlled HVAC

I’m just so thankful that we were able to navigate the pandemic which ended up being a small business ender.

This was pretty amazing that we actually have an office to go back to. Granted, we’re just in our 5th year or existence so our offices are far from opulent. There are 17 other people besides me who work there. It’s an older building and the commercial HVAC could be better. The summer here can be brutal and the HVAC unit in our offices just barely keeps up. And of course, there was only one thermostat for the entire floor. That was another big hassle. Depending on where the sun was or what time of day, parts of the office could be different by as much as maybe 7 degrees. That’s significant even if it doesn’t sound like much. But we had to close that office up when the pandemic hit. Everyone went home to our own air conditioning with the hopes that we could stay afloat. It was tough, especially that first 8 or 9 months, to keep our fledgling company alive. I took zero salary to offset others reduction in pay and I was out on the road staying in motels with sketchy heating and cooling to keep our clients. It was tough but we made it and we even exceeded our expectations. So when I opened up the office again, I had the HVAC company tweak the HVAC equipment so we now have zone controlled HVAC. It still may be the same old office, at least for now. But that doesn’t mean that we should have to go without quality heating and air for everyone.



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