Giving out tests & the a/c is all messed up

I have been a test proctor for about several years, but Last weekI was let go, then the situation still has myself and others upset, & I am not sure what to do. I was giving a test as I usually do, passed out all of the test materials & was giving instruction to the students. Everything was enjoyable for the first few minutes. Then a student came up to myself and others & explained that he was easily hot, & he needed myself and others to turn the AC up. I went over to find the thermostat, but realized it wasn’t in the room. I felt pretty uncomfortable myself, & thought if I was taking the test I would be pretty distracted by the temperature too. I got up & walked out of the room to locate the thermostat, but still couldn’t find 1. I realized that the rooms were being cooled by ductless AC units that had the thermostat right on them. I went back into the room to turn the AC device up a little, & was horrified by what I saw. There were several students with iPhones out talking to each other. I right away gave the students instruction to get back to work, & notified them that the AC device would be starting up absolutely soon. I got a call a month later from the testing center & they informed myself and others that they could tell our students had cheated. I explained to them what happened with the Heating plus A/C system but they didn’t care. They fired myself and others on the spot. I never saw myself getting let go because of an air conditioner! I will never look at heating & cooling system the same way.
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