Giving up gym membership and setting up a home gym

For a long time, I paid a gym membership every month. Despite the cost, I was happy to have access to a wide range of workout equipment and machines. I typically stopped at the gym three to four times every week. Between the drive to get there and the length of my workouts, these sessions took up a lot of my time. I normally spent about an hour to an hour and a half utilizing the equipment. By the end of the workout, I was always dripping sweat and in need of a shower. While I was single, devoting so much time and effort to fitness was no problem. Once I got married and had a house and kids to care for, the gym membership became a waste of money. I simply never found the opportunity to use it. Unwilling to give up on working out, I needed to find a new way to keep in good shape. I decided to clear out an unused bedroom and set up a home gym. I discovered the workout machines are rather expensive and I had to save up to buy the bigger equipment. I started with just a yoga mat, jump rope, some dumbbells and a treadmill. Over the years, I’ve gradually added a stationary bike, elliptical, weight bench and some more mats. I still don’t have the extensive selection offered by a commercial gym, but it’s enough for me. I enjoy the convenience of having a gym in my home. I don’t need to factor in the drive time or worry about being at home when the kids get off the bus. If I have a few minutes, I can fit in a quick workout. I often workout very late at night when the rest of the family is asleep. I listen to the music I like and never need to wait for someone else to finish up on a piece of equipment. I set the thermostat to my preferred comfort level and have no concerns about what I’m wearing.


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