Glad I checked on the cat, thermostat was broken

I try my best to be helpful to everybody that I know in my life because I know how important social support has been in my past.

  • That’s why I go out of my way to offer my help to my ex roommates.

I moved out of their house on good terms and relocated right down the street. As such, I always offer to drop by and check on the house when they’re out of town. Recently, I proposed that I should swing by and make sure their cat was doing okay while they visited a family member. Thank God I did, or else they probably wouldn’t have a cat or a central cooling system when they returned home. You see, when I walked inside of my friends’ house I immediately knew that something was wrong with the central heating and cooling settings. It felt like the house was an arctic tundra and there was a freezing cold breeze blowing from every single air vent. Clearly the central cooling system was on the fritz or something had happened with their thermostat settings. I went down the hall and started fiddling with the air quality control device, but nothing made the air conditioning system stop blowing frigid air. Somehow, it only felt colder the harder I attempted to increase the indoor air temperature. After an hour of shivering with the cat, I finally called my friend and then called her HVAC technician. The heating and cooling specialist arrived on the scene within an hour and confirmed that the thermostat was malfunctioning. He said, if I hadn’t received professional help the central AC would have continued running at full blast until the cooling system broke down entirely. In the meantime, their poor kitty probably wouldn’t have thrived in the cold. Thank god I chose to be a good person that day.

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